VIP food service menu released!!

Breakfast stick… £4.50. Warmed french stick filled with… Sausage Bacon Or both and Add a fried egg or onion for no extra cost!! Home made Lasagna… £8.00. Served with chips and garlic bread. Home made Chilli… £7.00. Served with rice and tortilla chips. Beef or Chicken Burger… £8.00. Minced beef steak pattie or a Chicken […]

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VIP Food Service!

From next Friday at Weirwood…and this goes out to all you junk-food eaters, you will have the option to enjoy hot food. Starting from a simple menu to begin with (Lasagne, chilli, curry, hot dogs, hamburgers and breakfast rolls) and if you want to take the full VIP service you can have this delivered by […]

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