Weirwood and Cherry Carp

CherryCarp and Weirwood Reservoir (East Sussex)

“Just spent another 5 hours mindlessly getting lost in the place. Out contouring the lake bed. Shelves and drop offs ranging from 27 feet straight up to 12 foot plateaus. Carpy bays, tree lined margins, intimate points and lagoons, masses of water, masses of opportunity and masses of much needed challenges in a much too overcrowded carp fishing world. When you hear and read of how there’s so few venues that can chuck up unknown surprises, then Weirwood is almost certainly one of the few.

The 30 years to come, long term fishery manager Brendan Lanigan is there to stay and I’ve spent the last few months getting to know him, understanding his aspirations and plans for the place let alone his current stock, the recent stocking and the future stock to come. A venue that’s available now for members who have the right attitude and are willing to give something back to the surroundings for many years. Plans of being the first UK venue to boast more than 200 x 30’s in little less than 3 years to come, then we feel this is one to look at and seriously consider getting yourself hooked up to whilst you still can, because as with many venues like this, it will soon become ‘Dead Man’s Shoes’. Brendan doesn’t advertise for members, but he’s happy for us to let fellow CherryCarpers know about it now.

It’s not often you hear us waffle on about venues in particular but this one has really caught our attention. It’s also relatively local to HQ too which makes for very interesting times ahead. Within the next 5 days (brand new engines just purchased) you can be ferried to any part of the lake or hire a boat yourself and shift your gear straight from the back of your motor onto one of the ten boats that are available and then sail across to your own piece of paradise. Or drive onto the more popular commercial style end. 300 acres and there was only two anglers on this evening! LOVE IT!!

So why are we banging on about Weirwood? Well you’ll be interested to know Weirwood is becoming CherryCarp aligned. Our baits and products will sit in their shop for anyone wishing to try or buy, we have passed on our bulk particle set-up onto Weirwood for low cost particle availability and all proceeds will go towards further stocking. In addition we have offered to help stock the lake too in aiding Brendan’s plans. But more importantly there will be ‘loads’ of high quality CherryCarp baits going in to push growth right up.

So why are we getting involved? Well the answer is quite simple…..because we want to and because we can 😉

If you fancy going for a look around, or a friendly chat to get an understanding of Brendan’s plans, or you want to get involved with joining up before it shuts its shop and moves to a tedious waiting list and you fancy grabbing a piece of your own little paradise, then give Brendan a call 07516 301537. No skin off our nose whatsoever as every penny goes back into the venue. Now isn’t that refreshing?”

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