Coronavirus Guidance

We reopen on Monday subject to members adhering to the following in addition to the Government’s lock down

1. You are responsible for your own P.P.E. and hygiene arrangements !

2. Gloves must be worn when handling communal items (locks, gates, etc.)!

3. You are responsible for your own and others Social Distancing requirements !

4. Members must not share equipment, bait, coffee, tea, food with anyone outside their

5. Members must not go to the lake just for a look round.!

6. No guests unless family or live with you!(clubs no guests at all)

7. Members and club members to phone to book in! Time slots given for arrival if needed !

8. No matches or knock-ups or keep nets

9. If you or anyone in your family have been ill or in contact with someone that is please stay at home!

10. No club night fishing tickets

Should evidence arise of members not respecting the clear social distancing rules the lakes will be closed.!